About Us

About Us

Nasr provides an ideal education to prepare for the 21st Century. The school offers a strong academic programme, an exceptional faculty, superb campus, kaleidoscope of co-curricular activities and community involvement programme.

The teachers prepare the students for a new century characterized by rapid and constant change. The students are equipped to play an active role in the international world where people and cultures surpass national boundaries.

Nasr Teaching Technology converge in a single, all encompassing goal. It focuses on,

Cultural conditions of young minds in tune with futuristic knowledge based society.
The ready and instant relationships suitable for transient team orientation.
Talent exploitation and acquisition.
Continuous upgradation and bench marking with the support of its enlightened faculty.

Parental involvement is critical to student’s success. A healthy interaction between the school, student and home is encouraged. You are invited to participate in the education of your child by reinforcing positive attitudes towards learning and healthy work habits.

Together We Make a  Difference 

At Nasr, success is measured by the lives changed with global education experience!

A Child is like clay, becoming what you pour into it. 

It always takes a 25% to make it to 100%

Leadership Quality
Goals and Direction
Organisational Skills
Self Development

A well reputed Girls School in Hyderabad, offering Preprimary to 12th Grade. Has qualified & well trained teachers, library, play ground, laboratory and other facilities to impart quality education.

The school is run in a heritage structure kind of a monumental building, giving a wonderful feel and experience to the students, parents and staff.

Strict standards and discipline are maintained, which transform the children into their future, well prepared, to make them successful people, for their bright future and happy living.

Suresh Kumar Maganti

I am Shashwat, student of Fifth class. I am enjoying the school very much. The teachers are very good . Very good school . The best school ever.


Vipul Neema

Known For The ICSE Syllabus..!
Currently my niece is a part of it

Afreen Quadri