Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Begum Anees Khan
Founder Principal,
Chairperson, Nasr Education Society

Many of you blossomed and have left an imprint in life. Not only as achievers in different fields but as a good human beings. While we have an eye on changing scenario and the in-built desire to keep paste with the times, let us work towards all times cherished values like concern,care and compassion for others

Dear Students,

You have been given a strong academic program and an exceptional kaleidoscope of co-curricular activities and community involvement program. Yet I feel you have to do a lot for, as global citizens you must be equipped to play an active role in the international arena where people and cultures surpass national boundaries

I wish you many years of success

Begum Anees Khan
Nasr Educational Society

Mir Khutubuddin Khan
Secretary, Nasr Education Society

Dear Readers,

Success is everyone’s mission. Life is full of challenges and opportunities, but only for those who struggle to grab the opportunities and overcome the challenges. Hard work and dedication are the only mantra in the journey to success. One can achieve success by being passionate and willing to hard work

The interpretation of success may change from person to person. The ultimate success is happiness and satisfaction. It’s important that you pursue your passion and love . Don’t follow others dream; instead follow your goals and dreams. For you are not someone else; you have your identity and capacity and work accordingly in order to achieve the real success.

To be successful, keep the flame of knowledge burning. Acquire knowledge!

Work hard! Dream big!

Nawab Mir Khutubuddin Khan
Nasr Educational Society

Janaba Raees Hasan

I have been associated with Nasr since is inception in 1965 and have spent more of my years heading Nasr Pre Primary. Most of you reading this article would have started your wonderful journey in Nasr from campus of the Pre Primary Section

Through this article, I wish to share two certain ascepts of your lives we shed as we grow older- The power of imagination and the courage of Questioning

In today’s competitive world, imagination and the courage to question are not encouraged and are often given a back seat. But in reality, wild imagination and the courage to question has transformed ordinary people into exceptional leaders and visionaries

Nasr provides a platform that enables a persons imagination to put to use, yet get often, we don’t use full capacity of our imagination that should be used to look beyond the accepted realities of everyday life or to question things due to fear or pressure. Don’t succumb to them. Each time you question, you gain something, you wouldn’t have known earlier. So Explore, Questionand imagine because these are the pillars on which your success would reside

May Gold lead you to Victory
With all my love and blessings
Raees Aunty

Begum Salwa Khan

Dear Readers,

Keep your mind open while looking for magic in life. Happiness for many of us means, taking a vacation or finding ways to avoid mundane tasks and skip responsibilities. Routine activities like talking on phone, cooking,school work, meditating, praying- appear to bring more meaning to people’s lives,but not happiness is the moment

We need to realize every moment is filled with a bit of magic. One reason we do not see magic in our life is because we do not focus on our present. We need to change our perspective. Magic is all around us in every situation and that is the true story of life.

Boredom is painful, but it is boredom that pushes us into a lot of new things on our daily lives. You are successful when you see every moment as an opportunity

Life will not be exciting all the time. We need to strive to find magic in the Mundane

Begum Salwa Khan
Director Nasr Education Society and Advisor Nasr Pre Primary, Gachibowli

Hazarath Dr. Syed Shah Khusro Hussaini

Asad Ullah Pasha

I have been on the board of directors of Nasr Educational Society for more than 30 years and each year I find that the school raises the bar for the students a little higher and the level of activities and the performance of the students in each and every activity goes up a notch. This progress is due to the hard work, keen interest, dedication and an eye for detail from the management side

Te students who study in the school are really blessed to have a management which seeks to give them all round development where the students get to utilize their skills at different activities which are of interest to them as well as concentrating on their academics

The outdoor activities are very important for a school going child and at Nasr, the children are given opportunity to participate in number of outdoor games being blessed with a huge playground. The boys school specially has discipline and decorum of the elite boarding schools of the country which I find quite unusual in a day school and that gives your the edge and sharpness to the students in their behaviour and approach to their daily activities

I would like to congratulate Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed, the young and dynamic Principal for projecting a stern image with a benign hard to inculcate discipline with in the student community of the school

With good wishes and blessing

Asadulla Pasha
Director-Nasr Education Society

Aliya Yar Khan

Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed
Chief Executive Officer

Dear Readers,

Courage, strength and endurance are the three significant elements that we train our boys in.

Courage without strength without endurance is of no evident significance if not complimented with knowledge, Education and mannerisms.

In today’s world it is important to be content. And contentment not through some other means but the contentment at the end of the with our accomplishments.

Our accomplishments can only satisfy us when they are complimented with good deeds. Good deeds need not be overwhelming. But small minute things that we mostly neglect or we are busy to observe are the ones which would satisfy us the most. The best one would be to make your parent smile, for the parents the best deed would be to hear their child out. As we are busy making them Doctors,Engineers, Architect’s and making them live a life that we wanted to live, we have forgotten to hear the child.

For the generation of tomorrow, the world needs analytical thinkers.

For us to gear up our children for their future what we need the most is to make them express.

Academics are important but just academics without analysis and creativity is incomplete.

To ignite that creative expression, our children need to be exposed to creative arts,sports and productive dialogue.

As my dear elders, you are the luckiest generation who have witnessed this world, from a Gramophone to an IPod to now the cloud. I hat you have are experienced is irreplaceable.

It would be a great loss to our future if we do not learn from their experiences and their know how.

I wish you all the best for your future. And please remember your future is in your control, you can mould it through your actions today.

With best wishes
Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed
Nasr boys school
Gachibowli, Cyberabad

Mir Mohiuddin Mohammed

Dear readers,

“Marks do not measure that IQ but the discipline in a student”.

Discipline is a concept everyone is aware of, but few truly understand. The most successful people in life exert discipline on a daily basis. It is vital to every living being and without it the world around us would be chaos.

Discipline brings stability and structure into a persons life. It teaches a person to be responsive and respectful.

Think of athletics: discipline is the fundamental aspect on which sports have been created. Every player must adhere to the rules of the game.

Discipline helps to train a person’s mind and character, building a sense of self control and the practice of obedience.

The ability can be developed or strengthened at any given time if you put your mind to it. Make promises and make sure you deliver. Make the genuine effort to align your actions and behaviours, instead focus on all of the positive attributes.

And lastly, Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.

May the Almighty bless us with insights and expression.

Mir Mohiuddin Mohammed
Director Academics | Principal
Nasr Education Society | Nasr School

Mir Jamaluddin Hammad

Forgiveness is the key to the success in one’s life. Lack of forgiveness to self and others is the reason each of us is fighting a war within

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. When you ask yourself, the reason for something happening to you. Yo must realise that what is happening to you is the reaction to the actions you have made

The missing realisation forms a black spot in ones thoughts preventing the positive to be perceived

The mundane is to practice to be forgiving and correct your actions by realising each step taken in life. This doesn’t mean to be calculative, it means to have each self action accountable. Think before your speak. The speech is the only action which cannot be undone

There is an exit for everything in life. But the speech once delivered cannot be undone unless there is some rectification made in the future

The most important point to consider in today’s date is to understand that each and everyone is trying their level best to achieve a goal but circumstances make a difference in the result.

Let’s set our differences aside, start working on our actions and forgive the nearest people first

Let’s work for a happy future. The future is in your hands

Thank you
Kind regards
Mir Jamaluddin Hammad
Executive Director Finance
Nasr Education Society